2018 Winship Win the Fight 5K Run/Walk

Lorymac Myeloma Team

I’m thankful to say my beautiful wife, Lory Macrate, is still here to celebrate another birthday, more than 7 years after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma. That’s the good news!

The bad news is that Lory's myeloma has started progressing again.  She had a good response  for more than a year on her current, and third treatment regimen, but in May her numbers started going in the wrong direction. Myeloma cells are clever and tricky; they always find a way to build resistance to treatments. 

Multiple myeloma is an incurable cancer, a malignancy of the blood plasma cells. Although researchers are continually working on new discoveries, there are a very limited number of drugs that might slow progression of this disease. Emory's Winship Cancer Institute (one of the top 1% of cancer centers in the United States) is on the frontline of cancer research and is fortunately one of the leading multiple myeloma centers in the world.

Please join us on Saturday, October 13th for the 8th running of the Winship 5k on the Emory campus. Many of you have run, walked and provided financial support in the past; I hope you can be involved again this year!

Financial support from people like you is vitally important for continued research progress, particularly given the tremendous uncertainty surrounding the healthcare system these days. Rest assured that your donation will go directly and immediately to cancer research at Winship.

It’s for that reason I’m reaching out to you to support Lory’s cancer battle and the battles waged by thousands more who depend on Winship’s research to extend their lives.

Lory and I always appreciate your concern and support!

Ed Steinman:   Captain
Lorymac Myeloma Team



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