2017 Winship Win the Fight 5K Run/Walk


Dan Barash is a chef, dead head, hockey fan, father, husband and lung cancer survivor.

On December 4, 2014 at the age of 42 Dan was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. At the time he couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without having to stop to catch his breath, his fatigue was unbearable and experts claimed he had about 17 months to live.
He endured four rounds of chemo, radiation to his brain and a lobectomy.

Then he learned he has the EGFR mutation making him the ideal candidate for Tarceva, a treatment that consists of a daily pill with minimal side effects. That was a game changer for Dan.

From being breathless from a walk around the block to being able to snow ski, hike, golf and shoot hoops with his 10 year old son Danny -- it was nothing short of a miracle.

Here we are two and half years later and Dan’s cancer has once again reared its ugly head. Due to some new growth, he is now recovering from brain surgery and four more rounds of chemo.

Dan continues to fight the good fight and remains optimistic knowing his care is in capable hands.

All through his journey the team at Winship Cancer Institute has fought by his side and provided him with world class care. In support of this team and their efforts to fight lung cancer, we ask that you join TEAM DAN and donate to the cause!

We are so grateful for your support.

- Lauren, Dan & Danny Barash

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