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'16 Lungs 'N Roses
'16 Lungs 'N Roses

Lungs 'n Roses

Welcome to the Lungs 'n Roses team page. I’m crushed to having edit this page.

For those who don’t know, it’s with a heavy heart and profound sadness, that I share the news that our co-captain, Tammi Fisher, passed away on September 18th. She was 54 years young and will always be remembered as an amazing woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. She spent the last four years of her life fighting to kick cancer with more grace and dignity than anyone could imagine.

When I was diagnosed with lung cancer two years after Tammi our 20 year friendship took on a whole new meaning. We poured over research together and she taught me how to persevere. She became my role model. She left no stone unturned, her tenacity never ended. She never took no for answer and she showed all of us how we could do it too.

Together we formed Lungs 'n Roses to raise awareness and funding for lung cancer research and treatment. We want to flip the outlook of lung cancer. While the diagnosis may be daunting, we want to make others aware that there is a path for them. We want to turn the outcome upside down. Instead of a "death sentence," we wanted to let everyone know that we would survive with our whole life ahead of us. Tammi left us way too soon. It’s up to us to carry on her fight. Please join our team and Tammi’s family and friends who will continue to fight to make a difference.

Tammi Fisher is our Lungs ’n Roses hero. Winship’s Dr. Suresh Ramalingham called Tammi “an extraordinary individual and a great friend of Winship.” Please join me and team Lungs 'n Roses and honor her on race day.

With heartfelt thanks,

Erica Aronin

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